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Even if your name is Killsfirst, doesn’t mean someone won’t clock you clean in the jaw and knock you out.



Always check someone else’s orders. Especially when that someone else is stupid.


It’s important to keep patients out of the hospital. Besides the fact that hospitals are dirty, dirty places, less patients on your list = less patients to see in the morning = extra time spent in bed. Who can argue with extra time spent in bed?

Lessons do help

When you learn from your mistakes, it prevents other mistakes. Take for example: today.

Last week I learned to safety the drill when not in use. Today I accidentally stabbed (read: barely poked) my attending in the head with the drill bit. Yes, the safety was on. These lessons are invaluable.

Stained scrubs, part 2

When your scrubs are stained, don’t take 2 days to change them: you start getting labeled with names like “methylene blue man”.

Stained scrubs

When your scrubs are stained, change them before work the next day. EVERYONE notices.

Methylene blue

Don’t inject 5 cc of air into a methylene blue vial and only withdraw 3 cc.

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