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Hemostasis in the OR is extremely important, especially under a skin graft. Unless you like watching your graft die, rounding on patients an extra week, and taking them back to the OR for repeat procedures, obtain adequate hemostasis.



Sticking your finger up someone’s rectum to disimpact them does work. Sometimes, they may even ask that you do it again.

I’m not sure if that second time is for further relief…or fun.

*NB: I have not done this yet, just discussed it. I hope there are always medical students around to do this when needed.

Morning conference

When you become chief resident and smart enough to answer almost any question thrown at you, you have the right to doodle during conference.

My chief resident's artwork

It’s the small things

When you don’t get a weekend off for 8 weeks straight, that one weekend makes a huge difference. Emphasis on huge.

Always on the bed pan

If your patient is on the bed pan every time you walk in to see her/him, ask how long it’s been since s/he had a bowel movement. It may not be because s/he’s always having BMs, it may just be that s/he’s been constantly trying but hasn’t had any in the past 2 weeks. And if that’s the case: put her/him on a bowel regimen.


When you go out and decide to wear clothing only suitable for drive through, stick to your plan.

Not a pretty sight.

Hard work

Do a good job and your chiefs will want to go out of their way to do favors for you. Having a nice call schedule, getting time–and the time you want–off, being taken out for dinner and drinks, and granting you special permission to operate with the boss: it’s worth it.

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