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Ultimate roadblock

If you want something not to happen, leave it to the VA. After spending 2 months here, I’m ready to move on. It’s very frustrating to work at a place where it seems like “new rules” are made almost on an hourly basis by “someone else” whose permission you “need” to proceed forward.

The VA, plain and simple, is the ultimate roadblock to progress.


White blood cell

Some things you don’t see everyday, like a WBC count of 0.1 (normal 4.5-11). Yes, 0.1. Add that to neutropenic enterocolitis and you have a sick patient. Add that with a patient who is DNR/DNI and you have a dead patient.

Being right

It’s hard being right most of the time.┬áNo wait, I take that back.


Just because I look like your great-grandson Jack, it does not mean I am your great-grandson Jack.

I will take your compliment about my handsomeness as a lucid statement, however.

Football in fall

Choosing to be outside for hours at a time in 30 miles per hour wind is not a good idea.

Black Friday

Half of the people who shop on Black Friday are doctors and nurses.


Thanksgiving must be a day when no one lifts a finger at the hospital. So much so, I had to call in myself because I was worried when 8 hours went by without a single page from the ICU.

They told me everyone was fine…

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