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Electronic revival

When your Xbox 360 decides to off itself from all the endless games played and movies watched, and flashes the red ring of death (similar to the blue screen of death for computers), all it takes is $16.96, a morning off, and some perseverance to fix it.


Best service ever

The top 5 reasons anesthesia is the best service:

1) The day starts at 7 am. Alternatively, you may show up at any time you please, if you even care to show up.
2) You are free to work, or sit in the call room and avoid work. Golfing off-campus is also allowed.
3) Running errands.
4) If you decide to work, you can jump from room to room throwing a tubes down patients’ throats and having no responsibility whatsoever afterwards.
5) Spending time outside in daylight hours. Scratch that. Being reminded that there is such a thing as daylight.

If asked whether or not I did these things, I will most certainly deny it.

Step 3- Part Deux

Whoever made Step 3 a two-day test is an evil, sadistic person (who has most likely not taken the exam).

Unnecessary directions

Some things may not be as obvious as they seem; some people may not know where to fill up the fuel tank.

Step 3

Just when you finished medical school and thought you would never have to look at another disease-ridden vagina (that is, unless you went into OB/Gyn or perhaps FM), Step 3 comes in and gives you a gentle reminder of all things that can go wrong with the female reproductive system. And trust me, it’s not pretty.

Attending cafeteria

When an attending offers to take you to the attending cafeteria for lunch, drop what you are doing and go. It’s a refreshing change from whatever it is you’re normally used to eating for lunch as a resident.

Videogames make for a better surgeon

Playing videogames may increase a surgeon’s efficiency and speed. It’s a good thing I have that covered.

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