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Underrated car options

Push-button start, keyless entry with proximity sensor, rain-sensing wipers, and a heated steering wheel are all car options that are highly underrated. Then again, convenience does comes with a price.


Holidays that should be scratched off the calendar

Today is doctor’s day in the USA. While I certainly appreciate the free food (and beach chair) provided by the nurses, support staff, and hospital, this holiday should be abolished. Why should doctors, as opposed to any other profession, be given a day to celebrate their achievements and the things they do? We don’t celebrate police officers, firefighters, or EMTs.

If you want to thank your doctor, do so whenever; we shouldn’t need a day for people to recognize the things doctors do. Just as we shouldn’t need Valentine’s day to cherish our loved ones.

Interestingly, nurses get a whole week.

Basic consult note

A consult note which in its entirety consists of “patient seen and examined” is one that may be signed and put in the chart by some services. Such services include neurology. The list is open for modification, however.

Another reason to hate birds

The day after you get your car washed is inevitably the day a bird will crap on it.


A platter of chicken nuggets at Chick-fil-A is $23. That’s right, 64 heavenly pieces of chicken for a mere $23. While this may not be a great deal when McDonald’s runs their 20 nuggets for $4.99 offer–or 80 nuggets for $20–it certainly beats them in the taste category any day of the year (and this coming from a McNugget lover).

Esophageal pain

Apparently, Clindamycin can cause esophageal pain/chest tightness with every bite of food or sip of a drink swallowed in some people. This is possibly one of the worst feelings in the world, probably worse than childbirth.

When things don’t add up

If a patient’s temperature, as read by an esophageal probe, drops every time s/he gets a breathing treatment, it’s probably a good idea for a nurse/respiratory therapist to tell the doctors. Alternatively, we can all just wait until a CT scan of the neck incidentally shows the esophageal probe tip in the trachea (article about this).

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