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Pre-GI bleed

A consult to general surgery for a patient who has a GI bleed which has been controlled by the GI service “in case it bleeds again” is deemed appropriate by some medicine chiefs. Luckily, it is possible to refuse such consults.


Incubated patient

When a page reads “patient incubated”, something bad is about to land on the hospital door.

Bets not to make

There are 2 bets no human should ever make:

1. No human can eat 6 crackers in 1 minute.
2. No human can drink a gallon of milk in 1 minute.

Not all days are as terrible as they seem

Some days can seem extremely busy but go better than expected. Even with 27 patients to round on, 3 hours of clinic, 11 discharges to do, and 4 new traumas, today was not as bad as I had foreseen.

Second-hand smoke

If you are not allowed to leave your minor child unattended in the hospital and you absolutely must go outside for a cigarette, simply throw your child in a wheelchair and run her/him out with you.

The life of a workaholic

The more you work, the more work is thrown at you.

Natural utensils

If you are hungry enough not to care, your hands make great utensils.

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