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People watching

Watch what you say in public, a person walking by you may also be laughing at the same thing you just said in your not-so-inside voice. Then again, you can get a laugh out of it together.


Trash compaction

Chicago O’Hare Airport (ORD) has motion-sensing automatic trash compactors that save thousands of trash bags per year versus regular trash bins. A pretty cool invention, considering we are talking about trash.

Travel disruptions

Having your travel plans disrupted by weather problems is an agonizing experience, especially given the manner that (most) airlines and their respective employees handle the situation.  If you’re lucky, it ruins the return trip rather than the departure.

Gambling addiction

It’s not until you’re gambling for a Rastafarian banana giant stuffed doll that you may unmask your slight gambling addiction.

Like seeing a city for the first time

Sometimes you can visit a city a hundred times but not see it like you do the hundredandfirst.

A patient with no service

A patient who is thought to be on another service by each service rounding on her/him is a disaster waiting to happen. With two services writing recommendations rather than orders, no laboratory studies or imaging being performed, and both signing their notes with “will follow”, the patient is left in limbo without an follow through on diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. That is, until the patient codes, perforates her/his cecum, and needs an emergent trip to the OR.

Elevator muses

I noticed today whenever someone gets on an elevator and pushes a button for a floor one below or one above the current floor, I scoff. It doesn’t seem to make a difference though. I should start pointing them in the direction of the nearest stairwell and saying “the stairs are that way”.

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