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Kocher maneuver

The Kocher maneuver is not only the name for a technique to get into the retroperitoneum, but is also a maneuver to reduce an anterior shoulder dislocation.


Becoming your parents

You ridicule your parents for saying things that make very little logical sense, then it suddenly hits you: as you get older, you start to say these same things–yet they still make no sense.

Not in my favor

When asked whether you have done a procedure before and say no, don’t be surprised if your attending replies with “Well that’s not very useful, but…honest.” You may still get to do the case, however.

Attending assistant

If your attending is assisting you but is not the best camera driver, it may be better to have the student drive.

Permission to operate

If your chief insists you are only allowed to sew a vascular anastomosis if you are wearing loupes, then you steal someone else’s loupes if that’s what it takes to operate.

Smoking surgeon

Never trust a surgeon who smokes. If you can’t follow your own advice, you shouldn’t give it.

Risk of complication

The patient most at risk for a complication at the VA is the patient who has already had a complication.

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