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Surgery in France

Surgeons in France only perform surgery. They admit to medicine, they do not round, and if a patient sees their surgeon after the operative period, it is a sign of an adverse outcome. This system may make better surgeons since the physician focuses all her/his efforts on operating and not on the routine care of patients, which is left to internists.


Viking outfit

There is no evidence today that Vikings wore helmets. The stereotype was formedĀ in the 1870s by Wagner in his opera Der Ring des Nibelungen.

Brought to you by the History Channel.

Emergency medicine excuses

“I’m sorry, I have too many patients to see.”


Welcome to medicine, sir.

Maximally invasive

“I don’t know about all you minimally invasive surgeons, but I’m a trauma surgeon: I’m maximally invasive.”

Lane closures

If you are going to close lanes around the biggest medical center in town, and a level 1 trauma center, at least give hospital employees a warning.


TSA, known to many as the Transportation Security Administration, is less commonly–but perhaps more accurately–named Take Shit Away (alternate: Talk and Stand Around).

Peripheral squeeze

A peripheral squeeze is a good way to support a patient’s blood pressure. It should not, however, be mistaken for a lover on the side.

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