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Covering other services

On a day where all your team has to do is round, it sucks to get busy with other things that keep you all at work until 530.


As seen on YouTube

Just because you saw someone else fix their XBox by baking it in the oven on YouTube, it does not mean it will work for you.

Egyptians pioneering in surgery

Egyptians first described excerebration in around 500 B.C. by perforatation of the bone at the superior aspect of the nose with a chisel and subsequent insertion of a metal instrument into the nasal cavity to break some cranial bones, a technique strikingly similar to that used in modern-day transsphenoidal surgery. We’ve come a long way in neurosurgery. Article here.

Resident trauma

While it’s nice to have fellow colleagues check on you if you were involved in a traumatic accident, I’d rather go somewhere where the people who see me naked will never see me again.

Supra-clavicular central access

Despite all teaching to stay superficial when performing a subclavian approach, the supraclavicular method requires one to go deeper (more posterior) than one would expect to find the vein.


Kevin Clash, the puppeteer/voice for Elmo, the famous Sesame Street character, has been accused of sexual abuse/sexual relations with a minor. CNN article here.


A new anti-tumor drug (read: herb) can cure patients of cancer. Maybe, as this article shows that it suppresses cancer cells in the bladder. All I can tell it does is stink up a room.

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