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Best sales

The best time to shop is after Christmas. Everyone has mostly finished their shopping and stores hold clearance events to make room for spring collections.


Know someone

Even after 56 years of marriage, you can still find out something about your spouse you did not know before.

Taxi cabs

Even if you book a cab in advance, you are not guaranteed a ride. Your call does not get dispatched out to a driver until 15 minutes before your pickup time, regardless of how early you called in advance. And even then, the driver may reject your call.

From beginning to end

There is nothing more rewarding than to see a patient through their illness from admission to discharge, including doing their operation, and seeing them go home well.


For a first appendectomy, 46 minutes from incision to closure isn’t too bad.

Free air

A consult for free air at 3 PM based on a CT scan done at 10 AM for which the patient is on vasopressors is a bad sign.

Christmas Day

The best thing about Christmas day is that Christmas music ceases to play everywhere you go starting tomorrow.

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