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By any other name

When a service has been referred to as a shit magnet, chaotic, or plain simply the absolute worst service in the hospital, that service needs to change.


Heroin use in the USA

The number of Americans using heroin has nearly doubled in the past 5 years, from 373,000 to 669,000, according to the federal government’s most recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health, released last fall. The use of methamphetamines and cocaine, however, has decreased.

Surgery work hours

General surgery residents across the nation, on average, work 72 hours a week. At our institution, the average is in the mid-60 hours/week.

Gaming chair

Gaming chairs may seem like a nice innovation and addition to a living room, but looks can be deceiving as they are not that comfortable.

Dr. Hodad

Dr. Hodad is any surgeon who causes more harm than good through her/his hands of death and destruction (HODAD).


Sometimes it only takes knowing someone appreciates your hard work to make you feel slightly better than miserable.

Residency hierarchy

There may be a good reason for the hierarchical format of residency, if only but to force several visits by different people to a patient’s bedside.

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