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Six Sigma

Two employees at Motorola, Bill Smith and Bob Galvin, developed the Six Sigma quality improvement process in 1986.


Shooting blood

In vascular cases, blood can hit you from anywhere.

Bra strap

Samuel Clemens Bra Strap

Samuel Clemens, known more popularly as Mark Twain, patented an adjustable strap for garments in 1871. This later became the basis for the bra strap.

City view

When your spouse takes you out for a nice evening out, enjoy the night and, if you’re as lucky as me to have an amazing spouse, the magnificient view from the restaurant at the top of the tallest building in the city.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon, may not have much going for it, but it sure makes good tea and ranks as the fourth largest producer of tea in the world.

Black tie

Black tie events = wear a tuxedo (not a suit). Black tie optional events = wear a tuxedo otherwise you’re cheap. There is also a white tie event which is the most formal of all where you are expected to wear a tailcoat. Not sure the latter applies in modern history.


Follow the WIWO policy when you get yourself into trouble: we’re in, we’re out.

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