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Modern dance

Modern dance is akin to a dance choreographed by someone who imitated a 5 year-old engaged in playtime activities.


The coolest invention of life

About the Neverwet. Watch this amazing video on what it can do.

Not sure if this is believable.

Board certification

A plastic surgeon cannot put the ASPS logo on their business card, website, or other means of advertising unless s/he is board certified in plastic surgery.

Dragging feet

The less work you have to do on any given day, the longer you take and more you drag your feet.

The greatest compliment

The best compliment you can receive is having a fellow surgeon call on you specifically in the middle of the night to help fix her/him up. That, or all her/his other friends are drunk.

Makeshift bra strap

Suture doubles quite well as a last-minute emergency bra strap.

How to get free meals from a product rep

Do not put $400,000 worth of material in a patient’s wound when it’s almost certainly doomed to fail.

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