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Cadillac IV pole

There is such a thing as a Cadillac IV pole. Not sure exactly what features an IV pole could have to give it such a name, but I would like to see one.


Brain freeze

The pain associated with ice-cream freeze may be caused by increased blood flow to the brain through the anterior cerebral artery.

Stool scale

If you ever wondered how to grade your patient’s bowel movements, check out the Bristol stool scale.

Failing ventures

Do not go into multiple failing ventures at once; if you come out, you’ll be in extremely bad shape.

Best parents

As a child, you resent your parents for a lot of things; it is not until you are in your twenties that you realize they have always done what is best for you and that you have the greatest parents in the world.

Criminal with manners

It is possible for a thief to walk into a person’s open garage, search her/his unlocked car for goods, steal the gun out of the glove compartment, and have the decency to lock the car up before fleeing the scene.


Work retreats are really just another way for superiors to get employees into a room to hold a long meeting and discuss pertinent issues.

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