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Learning curve

“Try to flatten out the learning curve a little bit.”



Mischief night

In the state of New Jersey, the night before Halloween is known as Mischief Night, a night when people play pranks on neighbors. In the UK, Mischief Night is November 4th, the night before Guy Fawkes Night.


In the online forum world, to dox someone, or doxing, is to post all of their private information–from real name and address to SSN and credit card information–for all users to see.

UPS versus FedEx

Whenever large retailers ship orders, it seems that UPS seems to be significantly faster than FedEx. Also, FedEx’s delivery estimator is usually off and changes multiple times in transit whereas UPS is generally more on target from the onset.

Tweeting bra

A new campaign by Nestlé is underway to increase breast cancer awareness which consists of a bra that tweets every time the clasp is undone.

Metal credit card

Hold the Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card in your hand and you will instantly notice a difference between it and other cards. Made of metal and laser-engraved, it certainly gets remarks when you use it.

Countries that lead

A great map which shows what each country does best or leads the world in. Credit goes to the Dog House Diaries.

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