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Popping champagne

If you’re planning on using a knife to pop open a champagne bottle, do it quickly. The pressure in the bottle is so high that it will cause the cork to pop out within minutes of removing the metal fastener.


Vitamin B12

A fun party trick is to take some vitamin B12 and watch your urine turn a neon yellow color. Even more fun: give some to an unsuspecting friend and watch them freak out the first time they go to the restroom.


You know you are dependable when attendings begin to trust you to do cases you don’t even feel comfortable doing completely alone.

Holiday traffic

When you drive to work at the same time everyday and suddenly one morning there is almost zero traffic, there’s a good reason. It’s unlikely an apocalypse, but rather a holiday.

Kock pouch

While you would guess otherwise from its name, the continent pouch formed after total abdominal colectomy which acts as a feces reservoir and obviates the need for a stoma bag is termed a Kock pouch.


There is nothing classier than drinking milk out of a wine glass.


The first answer across (#1 across) in the first crossword puzzle on December 21, 1913, was the word ‘fun’.

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