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Osteopathic training

The ACGME does not currently allow osteopathic-trained residents to enter into ACGME fellowships under normal circumstances. The latest version of the Common Program Requirements by the ACGME can be found here.


Mechanism of injury

What one may perceive as a trivial mechanism of injury may actually be a fatal injury to an already sick patient.

Page reply

Sometimes you wish it were possible to reply by text to some of the pages you get.

Chocolate milk

When chocolate milk tastes like a little fishy, it’s probably not just you.


A bupivacaine liposome injection suspension, Exparel, uses a lipid delivery system which allows for the slow release of the medication over a period of days. This system provides up to 72 hours of pain relief at the surgical site with the use of local anesthesia, improving post-operative pain control and reducing opioid requirements.

Traumatic aortic root disruption

It’s a bad prognostic sign when the cardiothoracic attending is not quite sure what to do with a patient’s injuries.

Time for wound closure

Time allotted for wound closure = (7 – PGY level) * length of wound in inches.

For example, a PGY 4 should be expected to close a 20 in wound in 60 minutes.

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