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Last trauma call

There is a feeling of relief one cannot describe the moment the clock strikes one minute after the end of your last trauma call, ever.


Road mind tricks

Behavioral science, or nudging, is being used around the world to subconsciously get drivers to slow down on the road, especially in notoriously dangerous areas. Tricks include paintings of children playing on the road, crooked speed bumps, and painting lines across the road successively closer to each other to deceive drivers into thinking that they are accelerating.

Silicon Valley antitrust case

Big tech companies Google, Apple, and Intel among others have been named in an antitrust suit which claims that these companies have been prevented from approaching employees at rival companies and have kept salaries down. The lost wages have been estimated at $3 billion for over 50,000 employees in Silicon Valley.

Deceptive salary of doctors

An interesting analysis on how much doctors really "take home".

An interesting analysis on how much doctors really “take home”.

Neck dissection

A bilateral complete neck dissection that is dissected out as a single specimen looks like a bat.


A secret is something which many people know but none of whom are supposed to.


You can still understand the overall gist of a movie despite not having subtitles for the entirety of a foreign film.

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