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Cardiac bypass surgery

Plastic surgery is now accepting consults for cardiac bypass surgery. At least that is what a physician thought when we received a consult today.


Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is the first woman in the history of Billboard Hot 100 to oust her own Number 1 song with another of her own hits, when Style replaced Shake it Off at the top of the chart.

Random calls

Read the call schedule correctly before you start calling random chiefs in the middle of the night. The call schedule does not change at midnight and chiefs do not like being awakened at 3 AM when not on call.

British Airways

I hate generalizing but most of the customer service agents at British Airways are very arrogant. Getting a kind, helpful one requires calling 6-7 times.

KISS principle

Whenever you are unsure of what to do, follow the KISS principle: keep it simple, stupid.


A view of the other side

Click here to access a great article written by the wife of a resident – good read for both residents and their significant others.


A RAE endotracheal tube stands for Ring, Adair, and Elwyn, the inventors of the tube.

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