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Connection Lost

The most recent episode of Modern Family, Connection Lost, was filmed exclusively using iPhones, iPads, and MacBook pros.


Tar removal

Mayonnaise can be used to remove tar from the skin.

Complex regional pain syndrome

The best diagnostic study for complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a Technetium-99 three phase bone scan.

Mandibular fractures

When operating on patient with bilateral mandible fractures–one of which is unicortical–expose and plate the unicortical fracture first. Otherwise, it can easily be converted to a complete fracture through manipulation.


Aegagropila linnaei, known as Marimo in Japan, is a species of green algae that grows into a round ball at a rate of about 5 mm a year. In Japanese, mari means bouncy ball and mo is a generic term for plants that grow in water. So, marimo means bouncy underwater plant.

Credit card transactions

On average, American Express customers spend an average of $142.82 per swipe, versus $90.44 for Mastercard, $84.67 for Visa, andd $63.91 for Discover.

Cut to the chase

The phrase “cut to the chase” originated from films executives to tell others not to bore the audience with dialogue and to get to the interesting scene.

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