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Work dinner prayer

A prayer before a workplace dinner is very unprofessional–possibly illegal–and can make many attendees very uncomfortable.  A better alternative may be to ask for a moment of silence or for the leader to say something along the lines of “let’s all be thankful”, both much more tolerable than shoving your religious beliefs down the throats of all present.


World capital of plastic surgery

South Korea has become the world capital of plastic surgery over the past few years – the highest rate per capita of any other country.

Breakfast of champions

When a mother buys her and her children sodas and muffins for breakfast, her offspring will carry that idea about the most important meal of the day forward. Not exactly a winner of the parent of the year award.

Sitting with patients

An interesting article out of the New York Times yesterday discusses the importance of sitting with patients and how restricting residency hours has exacerbated the problem of doctors spending less quality time with patients.


Grafts taken from brunettes typically darken, while grafts taken from blondes usually lighten.

All-black penguin

A very rare all-black penguin, or ninja penguin, was located off the coast of South Georgia in the South of the Atlantic Ocean. The penguin is entirely black due to an overabundance of melanin in the skin.


In the last quarter of 2014, approximately 5.4 million homes, or 10.4 percent of all homes with a mortgage, were still in a negative equity position, or “underwater”. This puts the house owner in a position where the house is worth less than the amount of the remaining mortgage.

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