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Doctors, TSA agents, and prostitutes

MDs, TSA Agents, Prostitutes

A Venn diagram of professions where people are paid to touch you in generally inappropriate places.


Ashley Madison

The internet-based company Ashley Madison, known for promoting cheating with people already in a relationship, was hacked and its customer data released.


Zappos, the online shoe and clothing store, has shifted to a holacracy work model, where workers manage themselves without bosses.

Mercedes-Benz craniosynostosis

Sagittal and bilateral lambdoid craniosynostosis is also referred to as Mercedes-Benz pattern craniosynostosis given its resemblance in posterior view to the characteristic car logo. Article here.

Too long, didn’t read

I wish journal articles had a TL; DR (too long; didn’t read) section that would concisely summarize the results; abstracts are sometimes too verbose.

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