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Cardless ATM

Major U.S. banks have announced that cardless ATMs will soon be introduced in major cities soon, and expand quickly to include most of their branches across the nation. Banks includes Chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo for now, but other banks could join if this turns out to be successful, and use of the ATM will require a smartphone.


The fifth pocket

The 5th pocket in jeans, that small pocket on the right side, was initially made to house pocket watches.

Race to closure

It’s not very often a resident can beat her/his attending on your side of the closure, but when you do, it feels good.

Burnout rates

Burnout Rates by Specialty

The Mayo Clinic released a study demonstrating burnout rates among many specialties. Regardless of where you fall, interestingly these rates have increased across the board in the past 3 years. Click image to enlarge.

Storm from space

A picture of storm Jonas hitting the US from Maine to Florida taken from space.

A picture of storm Jonas hitting the US from Maine to Florida taken from space.

Valet texting

Some valet services allow you to text when you want your car pulled up then texts you when it’s ready — now that is efficient quality service.

Uber surge

Uber charged riders as much as 10 times the usual fare on New Years Eve using an Uber surge calculation that varied by location and time. Despite these warnings, many riders were enraged at the prices. Seems that those people forgot that taxis and public transportation still exist.

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