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Chief resident

You can do a procedure after having only read about it.


Race to closure

It’s not very often a resident can beat her/his attending on your side of the closure, but when you do, it feels good.


It does not bode well for a patient when your patient has 3 operations within 36 hours of each other, two of which are for the same cause: a hematoma.

Implant exposure

It turns out when a patient’s prosthesis is exposed, all the surgeon has to do is debride the wound, close over the implant, and call it a day.

Electrocautery burn

If you were taught that Bovie electrocautery cannot injure the surgeon given the lack of a grounding pad, you have been misinformed. Electrocautery can conduct through your tissue, and it hurts.

Mandibular fractures

When operating on patient with bilateral mandible fractures–one of which is unicortical–expose and plate the unicortical fracture first. Otherwise, it can easily be converted to a complete fracture through manipulation.

Bovie electrocautery

Do not leave a Bovie electrocautery resting on a patient’s skin, an inadvertent activation could cause a thermal injury.

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