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Master surgeon

“A master surgeon is one who can do the least surgery that obtains a very good result.”




“A face without movement is a mask.”


The fifth pocket

The 5th pocket in jeans, that small pocket on the right side, was initially made to house pocket watches.

Uber surge

Uber charged riders as much as 10 times the usual fare on New Years Eve using an Uber surge calculation that varied by location and time. Despite these warnings, many riders were enraged at the prices. Seems that those people forgot that taxis and public transportation still exist.

Vinegar and bleach

Bleach + vinegar = toxic chlorine gas. While a good cleaning mixture, these two agents combined can cause chemical burns.


“We have to remain the adult in the room and do right by the patient.”


Back to the Future

Today is the day that Marty McFly came to, from the past, in the movie Back to the Future II.

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