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A surgeon never regrets the patients s/he chose not to operate on.


Wound consult

When you consult a service for a wound, unless the patient is bleeding and needs a compression dressing, there is no point in dressing it when the consulting physician is on the way to see the patient.


When a patient is berating you and your team, there is a solution: fire her/him.

Proud flesh

Some patients refer to hypergranulation tissue as proud flesh, which is derived from the term proud as in “swollen” or “protruding”.

Lactic acid code

Only at the VA would a nurse call a code blue to draw a lactic acid, because nurses at the VA cannot draw labs.

Face laceration

If it takes a PGY-4 and PGY-5 over an hour to sew a face laceration closed, it is guaranteed to have been a bad facial wound.

Mechanism of injury

What one may perceive as a trivial mechanism of injury may actually be a fatal injury to an already sick patient.

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