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Private property

It is perfectly legal for a police officer to sit in a household driveway to set up a speed trap. Of course, the owner may ask said officer to leave, but that seems like asking for trouble.


Private screening

When you own an Audi, you get invited to private pre-screenings of upcoming movies that use their cars extensively as a promotion.

Forged prescription

While it’s never fun to have to file a police report, it is somewhat gratifying to catch someone being dishonest — even if that person is your patient who is forging narcotics prescriptions.┬áNever believe a patient when it comes to narcotic medications.

Michelin star

While restaurant Michelin ratings are highly respected–and certainly well-deserved–some 1-star restaurants can out-do higher-end ones. Not shockingly, a meal at a 3-star restaurant can cost upwards of $400 per person.

Airplane medical emergency

As a physician or other healthcare provider, one may not want to discuss what they do or reveal their profession to their neighbor while flying: when a medical emergency arises on the same flight, you end up being forced to respond since people now know what you do for a living.


When you get used to driving a convertible, you want to own one — even if you live in a place where the weather is not conducive to one.


A patient should never assault a physician–no matter how lightly–as this could lead to some serious jail time.

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