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Beard covers

Beard covers are the VA hospital’s solution to the recent rise in infection rates.


VA police

VA police take a lot of things seriously — sometimes a little too seriously — but report a suspicious package in your clinic exam room, and their first instinct is to pick the package up and shake it around.

Thank you, officer sir, but if that’s how I expected the package to be inspected, I would have called a toddler.

Fish pedicure

While outlawed in the U.S., a fish pedicure is the fastest way to  having feet as soft as a baby’s, and fish spas have become widespread in Asia and some European countries. These spas use a fish species named Garra rufa, commonly referred to as doctor fish, initially used for treatment of psoriasis as they feed on epidermis.

Aborted landing

When you are on a commercial flight and the airplane is 200 m above the runway during it’s approach to land then suddenly accelerate to take back off in the air, it can be a bit distressing until the pilot announces exactly why the aircraft had to perform that maneuver. Fortunately, in this situation, it was only because the previous plane had killed a bird during landing and the runway had to be check for any debris.

Another one bites the dust

As a physician, do not make the mistake of walking around a hospital humming the tune to, or worse, singing the lyrics to “Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen.

Toilet seat lid

When go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, make sure the toilet seat lid is up.

Cardiac bypass surgery

Plastic surgery is now accepting consults for cardiac bypass surgery. At least that is what a physician thought when we received a consult today.

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