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Why is it that even people who drive news cars–known to have bluetooth as a standard feature–still talk on the phone in their hand?


Overtaking in traffic

Why is it that drivers believe that if they pass you in traffic they have made a large stride in distance, when in reality–no matter how you look at it–they have only moved one car space forward.

Elevator etiquette

Some people seemingly think it is polite to bust onto the elevator without waiting or giving anyone a chance to get off.

To all the rude, inconsiderate jerks: occupants must get off before others can get on.

Concern for homeless

Why is it that you feel concerned for the homeless man who you no longer see on your commute to work?

Pharmacy hotline

Why is it that when you call a pharmacy, listen to the prompts and carefully press the number for a doctor to speak to a pharmacist, a technician always answers?


Why do we give eponyms to a lot of procedures, diseases processes, and syndromes?

Rather than call it a Billroth 1/2, why not a gastroduodenostomy/gastrojejunostomy? Or instead of a Whipple, why not call it a pancreaticoduodenectomy? By using the more descriptive term, the procedure is self-explanatory.

Understandably, there are times when it is appropriate to use names of people to describe techniques–for example the various ways of repairing a hernia or a perform a fundoplication.

Resident parking lot

Why (and maybe I’m also curious how) is there a Lexus LS, a BMW 545, and an Audi RS5 in the resident parking lot?

I have nothing more to contribute to this post than to point out the absurdity of driving a car that is more expensive than a year’s salary as a resident. If you are reading this post and you are one of these people, please share with me your secret.

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