Why is it that even people who drive news cars–known to have bluetooth as a standard feature–still talk on the phone in their hand?


Beard covers

Beard covers are the VA hospital’s solution to the recent rise in infection rates.

VA police

VA police take a lot of things seriously — sometimes a little too seriously — but report a suspicious package in your clinic exam room, and their first instinct is to pick the package up and shake it around.

Thank you, officer sir, but if that’s how I expected the package to be inspected, I would have called a toddler.

Skin graft

Jacques-Louis Reverdin, a Swiss surgeon, was the first to successfully perform a skin graft–now referred to as a pinch graft–on a human being, in 1869.

Chief resident

You can do a procedure after having only read about it.

Deadliest animals in U.S.


The most deadly animals are not alligators, bears, or sharks, but rather bees, wasps, and hornets, causing the most human-related deaths every year in the U.S.


When you first witness a passenger get deplaned from a flight, it is an interesting experience. When it happens on two different flights on the same day, you start to wonder if you are possibly a bad luck charm.

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