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Why is it that even people who drive news cars–known to have bluetooth as a standard feature–still talk on the phone in their hand?


Private screening

When you own an Audi, you get invited to private pre-screenings of upcoming movies that use their cars extensively as a promotion.

Valet texting

Some valet services allow you to text when you want your car pulled up then texts you when it’s ready — now that is efficient quality service.

Uber surge

Uber charged riders as much as 10 times the usual fare on New Years Eve using an Uber surge calculation that varied by location and time. Despite these warnings, many riders were enraged at the prices. Seems that those people forgot that taxis and public transportation still exist.

Tesla growth

Tesla, the Palo Alto-based company, has grown so fast it has run out of parking spaces for its employees as its headquarter location. It now offers a valet service to accommodate its employee

Death of a superhero

Lenny Robinson, a local superhero in the Washington DC metro-area, died early this morning in Maryland when his Lamborghini suffered car trouble. Pulled over on the side of the road, he exited his car and was struck by another vehicle.

Mr. Robinson was known for dressing up as Batman and riding in his “Batmobile” to visit sick children at local hospitals – truly an inspirational characters. He became famous after a video of him being pulled over in 2012 for not having a rear license plate.

Read a great Washington Post article about him here.


When your travel plans end up being marred with delay after delay, it’s nice to arrive at your destination and be greeted with upgrades. No one can complain when s/he paid for a Ford Fusion and gets a Dodge Challenger R/T, or for a regular room and gets a double room suite. Thank you Avis and IHG!

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