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VA police

VA police take a lot of things seriously — sometimes a little too seriously — but report a suspicious package in your clinic exam room, and their first instinct is to pick the package up and shake it around.

Thank you, officer sir, but if that’s how I expected the package to be inspected, I would have called a toddler.



A patient should never assault a physician–no matter how lightly–as this could lead to some serious jail time.

You know what I mean

A doctor cannot decipher what a patient is saying when they end a statement with, “You know what I mean” or “You know what I’m saying”. Those are generally fillers when the patient does not exactly know what they are trying to say or are avoiding a topic.

OMFS clinic

OMFS provides an interesting mix of surgery and anesthesia given the background of training. Clinic is much more interesting compared to other surgical subspecialty clinics due to the fact that minor procedures are still performed.

Extra clinic

An extra day of clinic on a service that already has 2 days of clinic a week is akin to torture.

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