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“The greatest enemy of communication, we find, is the illusion of it.”

William H. Whyte



Most orthopedic surgeons would probably throw their arms up at this statement, but there is some truth to it: “a fracture is a soft tissue injury with a broken bone inside”.


In the general population, about 33% of people carry S. Aureus and 1% carry MRSA. Contrary to popular belief, only about 5% of healthcare workers carry MRSA.

Fish pedicure

While outlawed in the U.S., a fish pedicure is the fastest way to  having feet as soft as a baby’s, and fish spas have become widespread in Asia and some European countries. These spas use a fish species named Garra rufa, commonly referred to as doctor fish, initially used for treatment of psoriasis as they feed on epidermis.

Burnout rates

Burnout Rates by Specialty

The Mayo Clinic released a study demonstrating burnout rates among many specialties. Regardless of where you fall, interestingly these rates have increased across the board in the past 3 years. Click image to enlarge.

Vinegar and bleach

Bleach + vinegar = toxic chlorine gas. While a good cleaning mixture, these two agents combined can cause chemical burns.

Forged prescription

While it’s never fun to have to file a police report, it is somewhat gratifying to catch someone being dishonest — even if that person is your patient who is forging narcotics prescriptions. Never believe a patient when it comes to narcotic medications.

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