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Chief resident

You can do a procedure after having only read about it.



The term flap in medicine, which means something that is hanging by one side, originated in the 16th century from the Dutch word flappe.

Pressure ulcer

When we get a consult for a pressure ulcer, we do everything in our power to delay, block, and altogether prevent any surgery from our standpoint. Not because we don’t like to operate, but because flaps for pressure ulcers fail 8 times out of 10, and those aren’t odds we like to tackle.

Make sure the patient is an appropriate surgical candidate for a flap before you call us. A quadriplegic with no support system and a history of multiple pressure ulcers and failed flaps is not a good candidate for his/her 5th flap. Chances are, we’ll still tell you to manage it with wet to dry dressings.

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