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Skin graft

Jacques-Louis Reverdin, a Swiss surgeon, was the first to successfully perform a skin graft–now referred to as a pinch graft–on a human being, in 1869.



First described by Horner in 1837, he Z-plasty was the first flap introduced with an emphasis on a mathematical approach to solve a skin problem.

Biring land bridge

One hundred million years ago, the Bering land bridge–spanning approximately 1,000 miles–connected Asia with North America.

Robert Patton

General George S. Patton of the U. S. participated in the 1912 Olympic Games in Stockholm, Sweden, competing in the pentathlon.


When settlers came to the Seattle area in 1851, they first called the region New York. It was later renamed to New York-Alki, the addition meaning a Chinook word meaning “by-and-by”.


The first answer across (#1 across) in the first crossword puzzle on December 21, 1913, was the word ‘fun’.


A falsified myth says that the term claudication was given after Claudius, the Roman Emperor who could only walk for a short distance, then stop and sit before walking again. According to etymology, claudication is derived from the Latin verb claudicare, which means to limp.

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