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Private property

It is perfectly legal for a police officer to sit in a household driveway to set up a speed trap. Of course, the owner may ask said officer to leave, but that seems like asking for trouble.



WD-40, the well-known oil lubricant, is an abbreviation of “water displacement, 40th formula”–the number of times it took for its creator to finalize the product.


In the last quarter of 2014, approximately¬†5.4 million homes, or 10.4 percent of all homes with a mortgage, were still in a negative equity position, or “underwater”. This puts the house owner in a position where the house is worth less than the amount of the remaining mortgage.

Moth infestation

When you notice holes in plastic bags or cardboard boxes in your kitchen pantry, take it as a sign that there are moths around. If it turns out to be true, it is not easy to get rid of the infestation. Do not hesitate to throw away any food you think may have moths or larvae in it.

Newspaper delivery

The only thing newspaper delivery is good for is to let the rest of the neighborhood know when one is out of town. If the newspaper is not stopped, may as well put a sign on the front yard telling thieves there is no one home.

House remodel

According to the Remodeling Magazine, the house project with the highest return on investment is installing a steel door, which recoups 97% of its cost.

Furniture repair

Seasoned furniture repair servicemen can fix almost any damaged furniture–no matter how bad you think it is. Something you think has no chance on Earth of returning to a “new” condition can be brought back to life with their expertise.

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