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In the general population, about 33% of people carry S. Aureus and 1% carry MRSA. Contrary to popular belief, only about 5% of healthcare workers carry MRSA.


Beard covers

Beard covers are the VA hospital’s solution to the recent rise in infection rates.

Closing a wound

Never close a patient’s abdominal incision whose fascia dehisced. It will get infected.

Stinky tracheostomy

Just because a patient has a “stinky trach”, there is no need to check for a bacterial infection if there are no signs of infection other than something tickling your sense of smell. But thank you, nurse, for waking me up at 3 am to let me know.

Perianal abscess

Perianal abscesses are no fun for anyone; whether you have one, live with someone who has one, or are the person who must drain one. It’s apparently also one of the worst pains ever to have it drained and packed. My advice: don’t get one.

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