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Triple whammy

Vacation = triple whammy loss of revenue for a surgeon:

  1. No services being sold
  2. Office overhead
  3. Cost of vacation.

I chose the wrong field.



“The greatest enemy of communication, we find, is the illusion of it.”

William H. Whyte


Most orthopedic surgeons would probably throw their arms up at this statement, but there is some truth to it: “a fracture is a soft tissue injury with a broken bone inside”.

Skin cancer

Ultraviolet exposure during the first 10 years of life is the strongest predictor of non-melanoma skin cancer.

Beard covers

Beard covers are the VA hospital’s solution to the recent rise in infection rates.

Skin graft

Jacques-Louis Reverdin, a Swiss surgeon, was the first to successfully perform a skin graft–now referred to as a pinch graft–on a human being, in 1869.

Chief resident

You can do a procedure after having only read about it.

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