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When you first witness a passenger get deplaned from a flight, it is an interesting experience. When it happens on two different flights on the same day, you start to wonder if you are possibly a bad luck charm.


Private screening

When you own an Audi, you get invited to private pre-screenings of upcoming movies that use their cars extensively as a promotion.

Aborted landing

When you are on a commercial flight and the airplane is 200 m above the runway during it’s approach to land then suddenly accelerate to take back off in the air, it can be a bit distressing until the pilot announces exactly why the aircraft¬†had to perform that maneuver. Fortunately, in this situation, it was only because the previous plane¬†had killed a bird during landing and the runway had to be check for any debris.

Airline snacks

In a bold move, American Airlines has announced that it will be re-introducing free snacks on all flights by mid-year. This is similar to moves announced by other U.S-based carriers and likely in response to stiffer competition from international airlines.

Storm from space

A picture of storm Jonas hitting the US from Maine to Florida taken from space.

A picture of storm Jonas hitting the US from Maine to Florida taken from space.

Valet texting

Some valet services allow you to text when you want your car pulled up then texts you when it’s ready — now that is efficient quality service.

Uber surge

Uber charged riders as much as 10 times the usual fare on New Years Eve using an Uber surge calculation that varied by location and time. Despite these warnings, many riders were enraged at the prices. Seems that those people forgot that taxis and public transportation still exist.

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