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Beard covers

Beard covers are the VA hospital’s solution to the recent rise in infection rates.


VA police

VA police take a lot of things seriously — sometimes a little too seriously — but report a suspicious package in your clinic exam room, and their first instinct is to pick the package up and shake it around.

Thank you, officer sir, but if that’s how I expected the package to be inspected, I would have called a toddler.

Children at the VA

Children are generally not allowed in inpatient areas of a Veterans Affairs Medical Center unless the attending physician has given special permission. The specific age restriction varies according to the medical center.

Diaper rash

The number one problem on a patient’s┬ádiagnosis list may be a diaper rash, which is strangely enough considered a diagnosis at the VA.

Bed bugs

ED physicians at the VA can diagnose bed bugs, but when presented with a patient who complains of abdominal pain, the first thing they do is page general surgery.

I got a letter

It is surprising, yet amazing, the number of veterans who show up to a VA clinic with no clue why they are presenting, simply to say “I got a letter [or phone call] that told me to show up here” when asked why they are in your office. If it weren’t for electronic consults, we wouldn’t be able to help them either.

VA transcription

Recently, the VA changed its transcription system but did not bother to tell anyone who actually uses the system.

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